Hey there!

My name is André.

I am a Photographer.

Photography has been part of my life since I was young and I first picked up my dad's camera. It was always a natural part of me and something always present even when my path took me into other areas.

Before committing to my passion, I worked as a Speech and Language Therapist. Most of my contact was with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This gave me a new perspective on life and how things can be seen in a very different way. 


I am focused on transmitting mine and my clients vision.

I am stubborn that way.

I started to pursue my passion for creating images and I worked in several fields until I started dedicating more of my time to create personal work and personal projects.

This led me to be more open to new visions and formats and so I started to experiment with video.

By doing this I realised that my vision wasn't exclusive to just one format. And with that, I started to focus my creativity on what I wanted to create, no matter what format I chose.


I want to make people feel what goes on in my head.


With my vision, I aim to create surreal worlds full of stories. Darkness is always present in my work, as an entity that helps guide us to the light showing us the essence of the feelings I imprint in my work.

I mostly work in black and white because I believe that's the right way to photograph the soul that exists in people, places and the world in general. But color has also a special place in my portfolio as something that complements it with a touch of life.

This is me.

Stay strong.